Program Overview


The Aztec STEM Scholarship Program is looking for student athletes at Pima Community College who are as passionate about their education as they are about their sport and who want to apply that passion to a degree in science, technology, engineering mathematics, or a related field.


Our program is unique a couple of ways. First, our job doesn’t end when we distribute the scholarship. In fact, that’s when we really get to work. Through our mentorship program, we aim to ensure that our student athletes have all the support they need to navigate the challenging path that is inherent when combining college athletics and rigorous academics. From helping them decide on classes to making sure they are ready to transfer and everything in between, we aim to be a foundation for their long term success. Second, unlike almost every other scholarship out there, ours has the potential to renew every semester that the student is enrolled at Pima College. The goal of our program isn’t for student-athletes to have a successful first year, it’s for them to have a successful career at Pima and beyond. That means being ready to transfer when the time comes and being prepared for the entirely new set of challenges that come when arriving at a four-year university. We want to help every step of the way.

2016-2017 – Credit: PCC Athletics

The Aztec STEM Scholarship Program was created by three people who have a strong desire to help student athletes follow their academic dreams. This passion was borne of our own experiences at Pima College as students, athletes, and faculty. We understand the challenges. We know the process. And most importantly, we all owe a great deal of our own success to the time we spent at Pima. We know that Pima College can be an incredible springboard to success and we want to help others discover that as well.


The Aztec STEM Scholarship Program will be open to student-athletes at Pima Community College who are interested pursuing a bachelor’s degree in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, or a related field.

The Program consists of two parts:

  • A financial scholarship in the amount of $400 dollars, which will renew every semester that the student is enrolled at the school as long as he or she meets the specified renewal criteria.
  • A comprehensive mentorship program, through which the recipient will receive individualized guidance from a combination of our advisors. The main objectives of the mentorship program are to work side by side with the student athletes to:
    • get a head start on the process of preparing to transfer to a 4 year university.
    • identify 4 year universities at which they can continue their athletic careers and complete their desired degree program.
    • identify and apply for any and all applicable outside scholarships, both at Pima College and at their respective transfer schools.
    • identify points of weakness and work to develop academic skills and habits that will help ensure success.

Every student faces their own set of challenges. The objectives above are intended to be a general foundation for our relationship with the student athletes in this program. As we work with them and get to know them, our ultimate goal is to customize our mentorship to each student athlete based on his or her needs and their specific field of study. Our advisors have a wide range of backgrounds, meaning each student athlete in our program will get to work with an advisor who is also a professional in a field similar to their own.

Regardless of whether the student athletes in our program are fortunate enough to receive athletic scholarships beyond Pima College or not, it is our mission to ensure that their passion for their education only grows and that they are fully prepared to transfer when the time comes.

Scholarships will be awarded for the Fall 2018 semester. Applications will open in the spring of 2018. Join our mailing list to be notified when applications open.

If you are not a student athlete at Pima College but are nonetheless excited about our cause and want to help, please consider donating to our program.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor or have any questions regarding our program please send an email to