The Mentorship Program

What really makes The Aztec STEM Scholarship Program unique is the mentorship aspect. Upon entering the program, student-athletes with be assigned a mentor with whom they will work closely for the duration of their time at Pima College. Our group of mentors is made up of industry or academic professionals with strong ties to Pima College and Aztec sports. Most important, they all have a passion for helping student athletes achieve their academic dreams.

What can the student athletes in our program expect to gain from                    working with our mentors? 

It’s pretty simple, really.

Our mentors have been where these students athletes are. Some have been student athletes themselves. Many of them have been through the transfer process. All of them have struggled through difficult classes and challenging semesters. And they have all realized success in their careers.

Fortunately, student athletes at Pima College already have access to an abundance of resources in form of coaches, professors, and academic advisors. The goal of our mentorship program is to supplement those resources with goal-specific guidance.

This means that if a student athlete in our program wants to be an engineer, then we pair them with a mentor who is an engineer. Their mentor can then help them with everything from math problems to identifying potential schools to which classes are important and which are not. But more importantly, the mentor can help a student athlete learn what to expect every step of the way and how to prepare for it. Transferring, getting an internship, graduating, and entering the competitive job market are all important steps to becoming a young professional. The true value of working with our mentors is learning from their experiences and, more importantly, their mistakes. 

The number of scholarship we can give out is limited by the amount of money we are able to raise. However, the number of students participating in our mentorship program is less limited. Therefore, while we will likely only be able to extend a couple of scholarships at a time, we will be offering spots in our mentorship program to select applicants who are not chosen for a scholarship. The number of spots will be determined based on several criteria including the number of applicants and the cumulative work load available by our mentors.

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Remember, all donations go directly to providing scholarships for student athletes at Pima College. All costs associated with administering the program, including this website, are paid for directly by the administrators of the program and never with your donations.